Body shape that characterized by wider lower body parts (thighs and buttocks) than the upper body parts (chest and shoulders), and accentuated waist line.

The key is to create a balance between the upper body and the lower part of the body. The way is by adding volume or attracting attention to the top of the body by color, print, decorations and accessories.

What To Wear

Upper part:

  • Shirts with structure and shape, fitted to the waist.

  • A shape dress

  • Shirts relatively short - shirt length above the hips line

  • Printed shirts or colored shirt

  • T-shirts and dresses with sleeves

  • Decorated or puffed sleeves

  • Shirts and dresses decorated at the top

  • You can add a Large necklace or scarves to highlight the upper part

  • T-shirts or halter-neck dresses

  • Shoulder pads (can be hidden)

  • Deep necklines

  • Clothes that emphasize your waist


  • Mild A-line skirts and dresses 

  • Pants in a straight cut - extending the legs

  • High waist pants - collect the buttocks and emphasize the the waist.