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Full Hourglass

Cello / Square body shape

Full feminine Body type, characterized by full and boarder chest and hips. The Cello shape have narrow and highlighted waist, and the rectangle structure almost have no waist.

The goal is to create a structured and curved body, by clothes with clean lines and a flattering cut with stiff fabrics that give structure to the body.

What To Wear

Upper part:

  • Shirts and dresses with a deep V neck, or wrap shape will flatter and compliment the bust area, especially when it comes to a Big breast.

  •  A-line maxi dresses, fitt to the waist and extends down, lengthen the body.

  • Long necklaces, adding horizontal lines to the body-lines, also lengthen your body.

  • Button-down shirts and fit tailored fabric, wear them with flat open collar, to not lose the neck.

  • Halter neck dresses with a deep V neckline

  • Dresses with bold Waistline, or empire shape (bold line below the chest)

  • A jacket made of thick fabric like leather, tailored jacket with a deep V neck and finish above the hips, that helps to give structure to the body. It is better a jacket with a single button or two in the center.

  • Good, supportive bra lift the breasts and create a difference between the chest area to the waist line.


  • Slim pants -fitted to the hips and extends knee down. preferable for hard fabric like Denim with little Lycra.

  • A-line skirt that gently expands, from hard fabric, will help give structure to the body

  • Knee-length skirt will help draw attention to the narrow  intersection of the knee

what not to wear

upper part:

  • Too much decorated T-shirts, especially in the chest area, they only add more weight and heaviness.

  • Liquid fabrics, which attach to the curves of the body and emphasize more the Excess.

  • T-shirts and dresses withs traight lines, hide the waist.

  • Closed shirts and dresses without cleavage.

  • Short sleeves that ending in the chest line - will increase the chest area to one big piece.

  • Boxy jacket


  • Pants with pockets on the sides, it just expands you more.

  • Pencil skirts or miniskirts

  • Leather pants or skinny.

  • Pants decorated in the hips area

The singer Adele

On the right - a tailored and classic evening dress. tight in the upper part, and expands with the lines of the body from the pelvis to the floor. A thick waist belt creates the waist line and emphasizes the narrow part. The clean and classic look of the dress combined with its length creates a narrower and slimmer look.

On the left - a maxi dress with liquid and spilled fabric, a lot of excess fabric and the use of flounces that further expand and enlarge all the already wide areas. Although the look is very much that of a diva, there is no doubt that Adele looks wider here than she was in reality.

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey

On the right - a twill shirt without a defined shape in a relatively fluid fabric and with bat sleeves, expanding the entire chest area. Does not create the separation between the chest, shoulders and hands and creates a uniform, square and unflattering look.

Straight and strange maxi skirt. The elastic at the waist is not flattering and does not help to emphasize the narrow waist, the skirt has a straight cut to the floor and is made of stiff, standing fabric, it looks like a tent or a curtain on it, it is very bulky and creates a wide and square look.

On the left - a dress in a men's cut, tailored, close at the waist and chest and widening in the pelvic area to the floor. The hard fabric in combination with the tailored cut helps to "package" the body in a correct and flattering way, the open collar with a hoi neckline flatters a large chest and divides it nicely.

I have prepared just the right collection for you

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