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Personal Styling



Once again you stending in front of the closet and had nothing to wear?

Maybe it's the body that has changed and not remained the same, or that your clothes are no longer suitable and age-appropriate ...

You may have come to the conclusion that you should finally do something for yourself and make a change in your life, upgrade your visibility and first impression (our business card to the world).

With the help of personal styling service, you enjoy the guidance of a professional stylist who will help you choose the right clothes, depending on your body type, style, budget, needs and personal preference.  Together we will upgrade your next wardrobe.  

What is a personal styling service?

Shopping tour with a private personal stylist.

Depending on the budget you have set for yourself, and the needs that are special to you.

Customize to your body type and what is right for you, whil learning the basic principles that will help you and give you tools that will accompany you later

How It Works?

  • We will start with a pre-arranged video call. We will get acquainted, and talk about your style and lifestyle, the problems and needs that arise on a daily basis, the body structure and the budget that is available to you for a new wardrobe.  

  • From the new information I will receive I will plan for us the perfect shopping day tailored to your needs. 

  • All you have left to do is determine the day and time that suits you for our joint shopping trip and I will take care of the rest. 


Of course Tel Aviv -

The best shops the big city has to offer

Designer stores, large shopping centers, special and hidden places, and vintage stores.

You will get a private shopping tour according to your style, budget, needs and personal preference.


Now at an introductory price - only 600 NIS !!!

What does the price include?

  • video chat conversation - we will discuss the problems and needs, we will get to know your body structure and lifestyle,  and the budget available to you for a new wardrobe.  

  • A joint four-hour shopping trip accompanied by the designer and personal stylist Tamar Ziv - providing personal and professional accompaniment in the best shops in Tel-Aviv, for stylish and smart purchase.  

  • A photo album that summarizes the shopping trip, and building the locks that can accompany you down the road.  

Want to do something for yourself today?

  הזמיני עכשיו שירות סטיילינג אישי וניצור איתך קשר לתיאום

יש לך עוד שאלות? צריכה מידע נוסף?
השארי כאן את הפרטים שלך ואנו ניצור איתך קשר בהקדם

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