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Welcome to my fashion website -

Hi my name is Tamar Ziv.

I am a fashion designer and stylist for over a decade, I work and create in the center of Tel Aviv.

I invite you to enter a world of fashion that celebrates your unique beauty and enhances your individuality.

We specialize in elegant casual wear that transitions seamlessly from day to evening, offering you the perfect combination of comfort and style.

Discover Effortless Elegance:

Our collection embodies the art of casual sophistication. Explore a curated selection of clothing that effortlessly combines comfort and grace. From relaxed silhouettes to tailored designs, our garments are crafted to enhance your natural charm and leave you feeling confident in every moment.


Color Your World:

Prepare to be captivated by our kaleidoscope of colors and playful prints. We embrace the power of vibrant shades, bold patterns, and eye-catching prints to infuse joy and personality into your wardrobe. Express yourself through fashion that paints your days with excitement and radiance.


Fashion for All Sizes:

We believe in inclusivity and celebrate the diversity of women's bodies. Embrace our wide range of sizes, catering to every body shape and ensuring that everyone can find their perfect fit. Experience the joy of finding clothes that accentuate your curves and make you feel truly beautiful.


Versatile Style for Every Occasion:

Our fashion pieces are designed to effortlessly take you from casual outings to special evenings. Embrace the freedom of dressing up or down with our versatile selection. Mix and match our elegant casual clothes to create captivating looks that suit any event, allowing you to embrace your own personal style.


Quality and Comfort Hand in Hand:

We understand the importance of quality and comfort in your clothing choices. That's why we prioritize using high-quality fabrics that caress your skin and offer durability for lasting enjoyment. Experience the luxury of feeling at ease without compromising on style.


Unleash Your Inner Fashionista:

Our fashion haven is here to inspire you and awaken your inner fashionista. Discover styling tips, outfit ideas, and fashion inspiration through our blog and social media platforms. We are here to guide and support you on your fashion journey.

Begin Your Fashion Adventure:

Step into our virtual boutique and explore our captivating collection of elegant casual clothes. Unleash your vibrant spirit and embrace fashion that celebrates your unique style. Let us be your trusted companion in your quest for effortless elegance.

Start Shopping Now and Experience the Fusion of Elegance, Vibrant Colors, and Versatile Sizes at Tamar Ziv. 

Fashion Designer
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