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Size Chart

We strive to produce most of our clothing in the size range of 36-50 EUR / 6-20 USA

There are certain items that the sizes are divided into S-XL and the sizes are specified in the garment detail

You can see the exact details of our measurements in the measurement table in front of you, this table can help you determine which size to order.

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women size chart 

Table of dimensions and scopes women sizes
Woman silhouette
need help?
How do I measure my self?
Equipping a flexible measuring tape in centimeters or inches.

Alternatively, but less recommended, use flexible string to measure the body and then stretch it on ruler to convert the string to length in centimeters or inches.

How I measure?
It is important to to carry out the the measurements on exposed body and bare feet.
BUST: Measure the bust at the widest part (under the armpits, usually in nipples height) and around the back. You should also measure the circumference with a bra you used to wear.
WAIST: Measure the waist circumference at the narrowest part of the body (the area above the navel and below the ribs) and around the back. It is also recommended to take an extra measure with adding a finger under the tape measure, especially for pants.
HIPS: pressed your hips together, and measure in fullest part.
Measuring waist circumference


Ring Size Chart
Size chart - rings

Necklaces Length Guide

Chain length chart
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