Straight and boyish body Type , characterized by equal upper and lower body part, and almost no waist at all. 

Narrow shoulders, flat chest, buttocks and hips thin flat.

The key is to create the curves of the body by the clothes, or add sex appeal by wearing a sexy and flattering garment.

What To Wear

Upper part:

  • Shirts and dresses that emphasize the waist

  • Shirts and dresses in Wrap shape, emphasizing the feminine curves

  • Blouses and dresses with pleated or cowl neck 

  • Paplom (little skirt cover the waistline and hips )

  • Bold or decorated shoulders

  • Tailored jackets in waist-length , or with a narrow and highlighted waist. 

  • Shoulder pads

  • Thick waist-belts.


  • Pencil skirt, preferably high-waist, emphasizes the natural curves.

  • Full-skirted, you'll buy more feminine look

  • Large back pockets

  • Skinny pants or tigh

Triangle body shape
משולש הפוך
Inverted triangle body shape
Hourglass body shape
Rectangle body shape
Apple body shape
צ'לו/ מרובע
Cello body shape
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