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Rectangle body shape

Straight and boyish body Type , characterized by equal upper and lower body part, and almost no waist at all. 

Narrow shoulders, flat chest, buttocks and hips thin flat.

The key is to create the curves of the body by the clothes, or add sex appeal by wearing a sexy and flattering garment.

What To Wear

Upper part:

  • Shirts and dresses that emphasize the waist

  • Shirts and dresses in Wrap shape, emphasizing the feminine curves

  • Blouses and dresses with pleated or cowl neck 

  • Paplom (little skirt cover the waistline and hips )

  • Bold or decorated shoulders

  • Tailored jackets in waist-length , or with a narrow and highlighted waist. 

  • Shoulder pads

  • Thick waist-belts.


  • Pencil skirt, preferably high-waist, emphasizes the natural curves.

  • Full-skirted, you'll buy more feminine look

  • Large back pockets

  • Skinny pants or tigh

what not to wear

upper part:

  • Blouses and dresses with low waistline or no waist at all

  • A square cut jackets

  • Closed collar or turtleneck

  • Blouses and dresses with square neckline

  • T-shirts or tank tops too tight

  • Verticals prints - highlight the straight rectangular structure


  • Straight cut Pants or jeans

  • Straight cut skirts

  • Too baggy pants

  • Short mini skirt, will cut the body and compare you look even more square

  • Look sloppy and neglected

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow

On the right - a tight maxi dress that flatters the slender and slender figure - with a generous neckline, which flatters a small chest, thin spaghetti straps also refine the shoulder area. The dress clings to the body along its entire length and highlights the natural curves of the body.

On the left - a maxi dress with a widening trapezoid cut, blurs the whole figure of the body and presents the elongated rectangular look of the body structure. The entire neck and shoulder area is closed and covered, in a vertical line in the upper part, with excess fabric and frills that create even more of a rectangular and elongated illusion.

Keira Knightley the actress
Keira Knightley

On the right - although it's a Chanel dress, that doesn't mean it's suitable for everyone. A heavy knit dress, with an aged and old-fashioned look. The dress has a long trapeze cut, a strange, adult and unflattering length, this dress completely obscures the natural thin figure of the actress, in combination with the length of the sleeves it creates an even more rectangular and straight look.

On the left - a stunning dress that does a precise job. A tight cut at the waist and chest, and widening in the pelvic area, flatters and emphasizes the natural curves of the body. The combination with the sophisticated use of a print that cuts the body in a flattering and symmetrical way in the upper part of the dress also helps to create an even more arched and flattering illusion.

I have prepared just the right collection for you

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