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An apple body shape

This body shape general characterized by round shape, especially in the upper body. When the area is more full is in the stomach area. Round-shouldered, flat buttocks, averages to large chest, shapely thin legs.

There are two forms of apple body: oval and diamond, the difference is if your belly area is located lower (it's oval-shaped) or higher (this diamond shape).

The main style guidelines for both apple body shapes are the same. The key is to create a body length and cover the belly area. Adding an interesting texture or prints , or with an interesting cut, ruffles and pleats and also with tailored jackets, will draw attention toward your shoulders and face.

What To Wear

Upper part:

  • ​Loose shirts and dresses - away from the body, use fabrics with nice falling

  • Suits - upper and lower part in the same fabric or color

  • Long shirts and tunics

  • Always Pull your shirt slightly upward and let it fall to create a fold in the middle that create a blurring in the belly.

  • Necklaces in cleavage length, will accentuate the area and focus the eyes.

  • Dresses with deep collar neckline

  • Warp Shirts and dresses

  • V neck shirts

  • Shirts and dresses in the empire shape (bold line below the chest)

  • A-line Tailored dresses 

  • Princes-cut tailored jackets - highlight the female figure and create the illusion of a waist curve. Wear the jacket open it creates a even more narrow illusion.

very important!  Women with big chest need to invest in a good supported bra . highlights the narrow waist and the female figure.

Bottom part:

  • Straight cut tailored in knee-length

  • Subtle A-line skirt

  • Straight cut trousers or expanding from the hips

what not to wear

upper part:

  • Shirts inside the pants

  • Clinging Lycra fabrics

  • Tight shirts or too small shirt

  • Masculine T-shirts

  • Bolero

  • Short jacket and square Jacket

  • Large masculine jackets

  • Turtleneck

  • Too small prints

  • Decorated shirts

  • Wallen shirts


  • Clumsy cut skirt

  • Too tight skirts

  • Very short pants

  • Skirts or pants with excess fabric

  • Dresses with volume and texture

Actress Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson

On the right - a flattering wrap dress. The chest area is cut in a beautiful, symmetrical and flattering way with an envelope neckline. Below the bust, the dress is close to the body and forms the waistline. The diagonal lines of the envelope cut correctly and flatters the entire wide area of the body. The fabric contractions in the stomach area obscure the stomach.

On the left - a dress with a straight cut, without cleavage, expands and enlarges the entire chest and shoulder area. Together with the elbow-length sleeves create in our eyes a rectangular and wide appearance for the entire upper part of the body.

Melissa McCartney
Melissa McCartney

On the right - a blouse with a peplum cut, tight under the bust and thus creates the illusion of a narrow waistline and expands and blurs the stomach area. A pencil skirt emphasizes the narrow and slim part of the leg. Using a large print fits the proportions of the body.

On the left - a dress that is too tight in the stomach area, only sticking it out. A closed and unflattering neckline, creating a square and wide look. Sleeves whose length falls on the widest part of the body draw the eye there, making it stand out more. Unflattering dress length creates a square look.

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